I know, I know Valentines Day was two days ago.  Here at Atlanta Dance Central we like to spread our love for dance every day!  I decided to get to the bottom of everyone’s loving feelings this week, and asked the question: Why do you love dance?

Dancing is fun and makes Gaby happy. She really enjoys dancing with her friends in class, as well as with Mommy, Daddy and her little brother Jack.” Gaby Reblando – Kinder program

It allows me to be myself and express who I am, and it is great exercise.” Ally Hayworth- Adult program

“It allows you to express yourself” Marie Hamrick- ART Teen Company

I love music and I love to move to the beat.” Christina King- Foster-Schmidt program

“It is a fun activity and allows me to take a break from my otherwise busy schedule.” Terris Hagan – Youth Program

“It’s something I’m good at and I like being with all of my friends.” Blaney Hudson – ART Junior Company

“I feel like I can be myself and be who I want to be and no one cares.” Mary Beth Wagner – Youth Program

“I love dance because it’s really fun and the recitals are always a blast.” Annie Brown – Youth Program
So there you have it!  Those are the many reasons why we love dance.  Why do you love dance?


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