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Our vibrant community offers children a dance home, where they can play, explore, and thrive.

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How Our Encouraging Dance Teachers Inspire Excellence in Boys and Girls

At Atlanta Dance Central, we know that every parent wants to see their child happy & thriving in a community that loves them.  The problem is there are so many extra-curricular activities to choose from and that can feel overwhelming.   We believe that parents deserve to feel confident in their decisions.  We understand that parents want teachers they can trust and a place where their child is safe.  That’s why we continually train our team to be excellent dance teachers and also excellent role models, providing a caring & supportive environment for each dancer.

Here’s how your child's dance journey works:

Step one - Enroll in a class that suits you best and become a part of our motivating classrooms.

Step two - Compassionate teachers help your child build their dance skills and develop their confidence.

Step three - Your child continues to grow and thrive in the ADC Community, building life skills that will help them attain future success.

So enroll now, so you can stop worrying and start meeting your child's forever friends.

ADC has provided a caring place for over 2500 students the past 14 years.

Our Team (combined) has over 75 years of teaching experience including:

  • 4 degrees in dance, 3 degrees in business, and 2 degrees in education
  • A CrossFit Level 2 trainer & a CrossFit kids trainer
  • an Instructor/Professor of Capoeira
  • Acrobatic Arts Preschool and Level 1 certifications
  • Progressing Ballet Technique Certification
  • Dare to Lead Training
  • Numerous choreography awards


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