2023-2024 SEASON Physio Jazz DANCE CLASSES FOR AGES 8-Adult

Physio Jazz fuses dance techniques with functional movements in order to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, and mobility. Like all dancers at ADC, Physio Jazz students grow their resilience and independence while forming life-long friendships and support systems!

Intermediate Physio


COST:  8 installments of $150

Teen Physio


COST: 8 installments of $150

Age 18+

Adult physio


COST: 8 installments of $150

Our vibrant community offers children a dance home, where they can play, explore, and thrive.

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Established in 2009, the ADC Physio Jazz program focuses on facilitating lasting improvements in the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. Our curriculum fuses dance techniques with functional movements in order to improve balance and coordination. As they get to know each student, our faculty set individualized goals for increasing flexibility, strength, and mobility. We celebrate milestones and progress together.  

Need more days of dance a week? We encourage our Physio Jazz students to sign up for our Core and Introductory programs or consider auditioning for Foster-Schmidt Dance Company. 

In order to create the best learning environment, we divide our classes by age and recommend that your dancer participate in their appropriate class.  Our age cut off is December 1.  

Our classes begin in September and end in May.  All students participate in two performance opportunities per season: one in November/December and our big recital in May.

Learn more about everything included in Core/Introductory tuition here.


We’ve been part of the ADC family for 4 years and LOVE it! The teachers are excellent! They not only teach dance, but educate, and show patience, encouragement, and love. It’s a fun and inviting environment for my daughter.


The Foster-Schmidt Dance Company (FSDC) was founded in 2013 by Charlotte Foster Williamson in order to provide more performance opportunities for neurodiverse students age 14 through adult.   Students in FSDC are required to audition to be a part of this unique performance company.  FSDC takes 2.5 hours of class per week:  1 Hr of Physio Jazz, 1 Hr of a style of their choice in Core Teen Level 1, and a half hour of FSDC rehearsal.  FSDC performs at least 3xs per year. They are featured at both Once Upon A Holiday and the Annual Season Performance with SIDEWAYS. FSDC also performs for small local events and always brings the house down!!

AUDITIONS for 2023-2024 Season:  Thursday May 18, 6-7 PM

In addition to performances, SIDEWAYS and FSDC take continuing education trips together in order to develop independence, stretch limits, & build more resilience. We performed together in Walt Disney World Resort in 2015 & New York City in 2019.

This partnership allows the SIDEWAYS dancers to learn about working with neurodiverse students & the unique strengths that they bring to the community. It allows FSDC dancers the ability to dance with professional dancers at multiple events & develop social connections.

Our community (and the broader community on trips) are able to see the abilities of the FSDC dancers & to normalize their place within it. 

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