As a dancer, it can be hard to tell what style or technique of dance you are going to like or dislike.  You may have really enjoyed your hip hop class and fallen in love with dance, but are unsure which style you want to try next.  Jazz sounds like it would be sassy and fun, but contemporary might allow you to move in a way that you have never moved before.  It can be a tough decision, and you don’t want to get stuck in a class for the whole year that you don’t enjoy.

This July at Atlanta Dance Central, we have three whole weeks of drop in classes. Classes are one hour long, and include styles such as ballet, jazz, acro, tap, hip hop, turns & leaps, contemporary, musical theater, and ballroom. Stay fit or work on your flexibility in either dance conditioning or flexibility class. The great thing about these classes is that they are only an hour long! If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, you don’t have to take it again. On the other hand, you could really fall in love with a style that you didn’t even know existed. Feel free to bring a friend with you to share your love of dance, or to try something new together.

Drop in classes do not require any pre-registration, and you are only making a 1 hour long commitment to the class! Classes will run Monday – Thursday from July 8 – July 25, and will be offered again in August. Click here for the drop in schedule. Let us know what your favorite new style is, or if we should have a drop in class for a style you don’t see on the schedule!

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