Student of the Month: Isabelle Spina!

IsabelleSpina1We are happy to present Isabelle Spina as our December Student of the Month!  We first met Isabelle in summer camp and loved her enthusiastic and energetic spirit.  Isabelle is a great listener who always follows directions.  She works extremely hard in all of her classes and is wonderful at remembering her ballet vocabulary.   Isabelle is always sweet to her classmates and her teachers, and we have loved getting to know her so far!  Congratulations Isabelle!

How old are you? I don’t know….how old am I? Oh I forgot. Not 3, 31/2

What school do you go to? RUMCK pre-school

When did you begin dancing and in what class? I don’t know…when did I go Mom? Ballet at the Roswell Rec. was your first dance experience, but now ADC is your dancing place.

What is your favorite part of dance class? Twirling!

What is your favorite color? Pink…uh no, rainbow!

Do you do any other activities besides dance? Not right now. Dancing keeps me pretty busy.

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