Stay Hydrated While You Dance!

Water isn’t just a good thirst quencher during class, it helps your body more than you may think.  In fact, your body is made up of approximately 60% water!  It is important that we keep as much of that water in our system so we function correctly, and can dance our best.

Drinking water gives your muscles energy!  When your muscles don’t have enough energy they can’t function at their highest performance level.  That means that your dancing won’t be as awesome as it usually is!  If you are hydrated, and your muscles have enough energy to function, it in turn makes you feel less tired, and more ready to work out.  Hydrated muscles are more elastic and mobile.  When you are dehydrated, muscles can cramp which can also cause injury.  Drink water to make sure you are at your best, and dancing as safely as possible.

Your brain also functions more accurately when you have been drinking water.  Dehydration causes the brain to work harder to accomplish daily tasks.  The ability to remain focused, and problem solving skills are also slower to respond.  In dance we have one million thing to think about even while accomplishing one exercise, so it is important to give our brain what it needs to focus properly!


When is the best time to drink water?  Before, during, and after dance class.  Begin drinking water 2-3 hours before your class or rehearsal so your body has enough time to absorb it.  Then, when you dance your body will get rid of any excess water, rather than getting rid of water that it needs to be working properly.  During dance class, you are losing more water than you think you are.

Drink water in between exercises or combinations.  Once you get home, make sure you drink water to replenish your body and get it ready for the next day of activity!

Don’t wait until a water break to go outside the classroom and use the water fountain.  Instead, bring your own water bottle into the classroom!  Keep it next to you at the ballet barre, or on your favorite side of the room during contemporary.  Plus, if you bring a cute or unique water bottle to class, it is another way to express your artistry while still staying true to the dress code and etiquette of the dance classroom!

Whatever you do, make sure you are getting enough water during the day and during your classes.  It will help keep your dancing on point, your brain focused, and your body energized!


  1. Angelo Keyes says:

    Thanks so much for all of this wonderful information!!!

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