Dress to Impress in Dance Class

LilyPictureMost dance schools have a dress code that students are expected to follow in order to participate in class.  But why is there even a dress code in the first place?  Shouldn’t dancers be able to express their art by wearing whatever they want?  Here are some reasons why it is important to be dressed properly for class, and some tips on how to find freedom within your school’s dress code!

Dance techniques such as ballet, jazz, and even contemporary, have very specific alignment requirements, some of which can be a little bit tedious!  Young dancers have trouble thinking about their head, shoulder, rib, hip, knee, ankle and foot placement all at the same time.  Alignment is extremely important so you learn technique properly, but also so you can keep your body safe and dance for years to come!  Wearing the proper clothing helps instructor’s see the lines you are creating, so they correct your placement, or praise your hard work and accomplishments.

This may sound silly, but when you are dressed properly for dance class, you feel more prepared! No matter where you are and what you’re wearing, you always want to be dancing your best. Loose clothing in ballet, or even a leotard in hip hop class may not help you feel like you are dancing the part.  In ballet, jazz, and contemporary you want to be creating long lines.  Baggy clothing, or multiple layers can sometimes break up the lines you are trying to create.  What you are wearing also gives off a great first impression, and if you are dressed properly for class it shows that you are dedicated to learning and committed to dance!

So how do you show your individuality when you have to be in dress code? There are many different styles of leotards and dance tops. Even if you have to be in a certain color, a lot of time you can find a unique style that suits your body type! If your dance school allows you to wear any color ballet skirt, you can add your pop of color there! Lastly, add a fun bow around your bun or ponytail, or even a cute headband, as long as it doesn’t distract you from taking class. There are plenty of fun and subtle ways to express yourself while staying respectful of the classroom rules.

What is your favorite way to express your individuality while staying in dress code? Share your tips with us!

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