With so many options available for dancers in the summer, it can be hard to coordinate other obligations with continued dance study. Here we offer just a few reasons to make dance a priority this summer!
1.  Prevent loss of strength and flexibility: Dance trains very specific muscles in the body, and although other summer activities can keep dancers in shape, dancers may lose dance-specific strength and flexibility gains they made throughout the year. Continue to take class at least twice a week in order to limit loss of strength and flexibility. Take more than two classes and you may find yourself stronger by summer’s end!
2. Improve technique: Placement auditions, new classes, and new challenges are waiting around the corner in the fall. Summer class is a great way to bring your technique to the next level in order to achieve your goals!
3. Try something new: Summer allows extra time for your activities, and may give you the opportunity to try a new style. Training in a variety of styles not only increases your movement vocabulary, it also trains your brain to pick up new ideas more quickly. Who knows? You may find a new dance style that you are passionate about.
4. Make new friends: Summer study offers you the opportunity to meet fellow students who you would not normally take class with during the year. Take the opportunity to expand your social circle!
5. Work on specific goals: Want to kick your face or perfect your pirouette? During the summer, you can make and accomplish specific goals that you may not have time to focus on during the school year. Summer dance can take many forms; whether taking class, going away to camp, or taking an intensive, choose a program that will help you to accomplish your goals.
There are still spots available in ADC’s Summer Intensive! One Week: June 13-17, Two Weeks: June 13-24, including a performance! Call 770-992-0170 to register.

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