What’s up with Social Media?

photo 1Social media is a great way for us to keep up with our clients, our students, and share what we are doing with the local community.  Through the use of social media we are able to promote the dance programs we love throughout the community and the nation.   We are also able to share exciting news, celebrate students who are working hard, and let people know what is going on with the studio quickly and easily.  Social media helps us stay connected with each other – but there are certain things for students, and adults, to remember when using social media, that keep it safe and smart.

It is important to always use social media in a positive way.  Bad mouthing or bullying only reflects back on the person who is doing it, and can hurt our friend’s feelings.  Complimenting and congratulating friends on accomplishments lets our friends know we support them!  Posting negative comments or inappropriate language can also create a reputation that isn’t necessarily accurate of your true self!  When using social media, you should always keep things positive and clean.  I like to tell my students, “If you wouldn’t want Grandma or Grandpa to see it, you probably shouldn’t post it.”

The popularity and increase in social media use has decreased privacy.  The internet now serves as a permanent record of sorts, and even things that have been “hidden” or “deleted” can resurface.  Younger users should be honest about their age when using social media, because some sites add extra privacy for users under the age of 18.  Make sure to set profiles to private so only friends have access to your personal information, and be sure not to “overshare.”  Oversharing includes posting pictures of Driver’s Licenses or debit cards, posting that you are away on vacation, and giving any personal information away that you wouldn’t want a stranger to know.

Remember that you are in charge of your online reputation, so why not make it the best it can be?  Stay smart and in control by keeping your profiles private, and always stay positive and encouraging.  Social media can definitely be a positive thing when we use it the right way!

What kind of social media is your favorite?  Do you use facebook, twitter, or instagram the most?  Let us know what you think is the next social media trend!

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