Spring is one of the busiest times for dancers, filled with performances and recitals.  The last thing you need to do is be stressed out that you don’t have everything you need to have a successful performance.  Besides the regular, dancewear, dance shoes, and even tights, we at Atlanta Dance Central have put together a list of dance bag essentials!

1. Always have a second pair of tights.  Holes and runs can happen when you least expect it.  One time, I was wearing a brand new pair of tights when a splinter from the stage gave me a huge hole in my black tights.  If not for that second pair of tights in my dance bag, I would have been self conscious about that hole for the rest of the performance.

2. Always have a second pair of black dance shorts.  It can’t hurt.  Dance bags eat dance shorts for lunch and if you’re not careful you will be left without. Plus, dance shorts are versatile and can be used for rehearsal beforehand, or even lent to another dancer in need!

3.  Bobby pins! My personal favorite accessory.  You seriously cannot ever have enough bobby pins in your dance bag.  You don’t want to be the dancer with the hair piece that falls off.  Not only will your mom be on you about how your headpiece fell off on stage, but so will every dance teacher you have.

4. Scissors.  Another thing that you never think you’ll need until all of a sudden you need a pair and no one has them.  I carry a tiny pair in my dance bag.  They always help in case you need to last minute sew something.  Which brings us to….

5. A needle and thread.  This isn’t just needed for the pointe dancer who may pull an elastic or rip a ribbon off.  Anything can happen at a performance.  A needle and thread can sew up holes in tights or even sew a strap that pops off.

6.  Rubberbands.  Hair nets.  Hair spray.  You would think this is common sense, but more often than not there is always that person that doesn’t have a hair tie.  Don’t be that person.  Even though copious amounts of hairspray don’t look good in real life, hairspray keeps your hair out of your face at a performance.  Hair in the face while dancing is distracting to the audience.  Use a hair net to keep your bun from sprouting any unwanted alfalfas.

7. Band aids/ foot tape.  Let’s face it.  You always need something when it isn’t around.  Personally, I have a little band aid dispenser (because I am that cool.)  I also carry a role of medical tape just in case my foot splits or I have a blister.

8. Tide-to-go pen.  Because lipstick gets on costumes too easily.

Most of these things can be found fairly close to each other in any drug store, especially in the travel sized isle.  So pack your dance bag for success and know that you are fully prepared for anything during your busy dance performance season!

Did we miss anything?  What item do you always have in your dance bag?


  1. Don’t forget deodorant….have made that mistake a few times :-/

  2. For ballet——————- A leotard, dance shoes, toe pads, water, jumper, ballet cardigan, tracksuit, umbrella.

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