Here at Atlanta Dance Central, we are preparing to audition girls ages 5-17 for our performance company, Atlanta Rising Talent.  Let’s face it, no matter how confident of a dancer you are, auditions are always nerve wrecking.  It is hard to know what to expect, what the judges will be looking for, and what they will be expecting you to do at your audition.  So while we prepare to hold the audition in a couple of weeks, we decided to give some tips on how to improve your audition!

1. ALWAYS do your research.  The first thing you want to do before going to an audition, is find out what kind of company, or even what kind of dance intensive, you are auditiong for.  Use the internet to find out what kind of company or program it is, what kind of dancing they do, if they have a dress code.  YouTube is a great resource to see exactly what style of dance companies do, what kind of movements you will be expected to perform, and even sometimes to get a dynamic of what kind of personalities are in the company.  E-mail the director to request information about the audition and/or program.  More often than not there is an audition handbook or pamphlet that outlines important information about the audition, as well as what is expected of you if you were to make it. 

2.  Make sure you are prepared, physically.  The ART Company audition is in the summer, but auditions can be any time of year.  Make sure that the audition isn’t the first time you’ve danced after your vacation from dance.  After you have researched what techniques you will be performing at the audition, take class in those techniques.  If you live close to the studio, company, or program you are auditioning for, see if they offer classes.  A lot of times the people that are teaching the classes at that school will be people you audition in front of.  If you have the opportunity to make your face familiar to the judges, don’t miss it!  It gives the school a chance to see how you work outside of the audition.

3. Put your best foot forward.  I know it’s been said, but I’ll say it again.  The audition starts as soon as you walk in the studio doors.  Make sure you register with a positive attitude, and with confidence.  During the audition, make sure you are working harder than you have ever worked!  At most auditions, there are many auditionees that take turns learning in groups.  Even in your “down time” where the focus is not on your group, you are still being watched.  Make sure you aren’t talking to other auditionees, daydreaming, or even leaning on the barre.  You never know when the judges will be looking at you, so it’s alway best to be fully engaged the entire time you are at the audition.

4. Thank your teachers! At the end of the audition, thank the instructors that ran the audition.  It leaves them with something to remember, and they will remember how polite you were!  Even if you don’t make the audition that year, they will remember how friendly you were when you go back to audition the next year!

We wish everyone the best of luck in any audition you may attend in your dance career! 

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