Introducing this week’s student of the week, Claire Armstrong! Claire is a first year member of Atlanta Rising Talent, ADC’s youth company. She came to us with a very strong ballet and jazz background, but without ever really having taken any modern, tap, or hip-hop. She has embraced the challenges of learning entirely new dance styles and getting used to a new setting with admirable poise and determination. She is eager to learn, respectful, and truly passionate about dance. Without further ado, we introduce Claire!
How old are you, what school do you go to?
13, Elkins Pointe Middle School
When did you start dancing?
When I was 2 years old
What types of dance do you take?
Ballet, Jazz, Pointe, Modern, and Tap
What is your favorite style of dance and why?
Modern, because it is very expressive and the movement makes me feel good!
What is your favorite part of dance?
That is always puts me in a good mood and is the highlight of my day.
What is the most difficult part of dance class?
Trying to accomplish more difficult choreography and movement I haven’t done before.
What else do you like to do besides dance?
Volunteer with Junior Beta Club, Spanish Club, and write and paint in my free time.

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