This week, we recognize one of our ART company members, Anslee Berry. Anslee has impressed us with her patience, determination, and ability to stay calm under pressure. Anslee’s easy-going nature doesn’t stop her from working hard in class and excelling as a member of the ART Senior Company. She is eager to learn and works hard in each of the dance styles she pursues. She is responsible, dedicated, and passionate about dance. Congratulations Anslee!
How old are you, what school do you go to?
13, Webb Bridge

When did you start dancing?
2 years old in a Mom & Tots class!

What types of dance do you take?
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Yogalates

What is your favorite style of dance? & Why?
Modern, because there is emotion

behind it and you get to tell a story.

What is your favorite part of dance?


What is the most difficult part of dance class?

What else do you like to do besides dance?
FCA, Volleyball

Why do you like dancing? 

Because it’s exciting!

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