CarolineChaseWe are happily announcing that Caroline Chase has been selected as the November Student of the Month!  Caroline has been dancing with us for three years in our Foster-Schmidt program.  She is an outstanding student and is a leader in the classroom.  Caroline works hard and tries her best in every class, and is a beautiful ballerina and performer.  Most recently, Caroline performed the recital dance she learned last year all by herself at the FOCUS Under the Stars camp talent show, and was a model in the FOCUS Fashion Show!  Congratulations Caroline!

How old are you? 5 years old

What school do you go to? Indian Knoll Elementary School

What is your favorite part of dance class? Being a ballerina!  My favorite move is echappe!

What do you do outside of dance?  I read books and color.

What is your favorite movie? Beauty and the Beast!


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