Student Choreographer Kate Buchanan!

KateBChoreography is an important part of a dancer’s education.  Here at ADC, we offer a program for students to submit choreography to be showcased in one of our performances.  Each choreographer prepares a piece that they must audition.  Once accepted into the program, they meet monthly with one of our faculty members and receive feedback on their dance.  The choreographers must choose their music, dancers, costumes, and lighting.  Today, we will learn more about student choreographer Kate Buchanan, whose piece will be showcased in the Atlanta Rising Talent 2013 Gala on April 19 & 20!

How old are you? I am 15 years old
What school do you attend? I go to Milton High School
When did you begin your dance training?  I started dancing when I was 4 years old
When did you begin choreographing?  I have always created short dances in my basement for myself but started choreographing for other people for my piece last November.
What is the inspiration for your current choreography piece? I decided to choreograph a piece to help me learn for myself how to tell a story through dance movement and I thought this song would give me the perfect challenge.
What is the most difficult thing about choreographing? The hardest part about choreographing is that I am not always confident in the movement I put in the dance so I am second guessing myself and constantly changing choreography until I think it is perfect. Because I am a perfectionist.
Why do you love choreographing & dancing? I decided to choreograph because I love telling a story through movement and thats also why I love to dance. You are always finding new ways to move your body. I also can’t imagine my life without dance. It’s apart of me and it is what makes me, me. I love it so much!

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