Staying in Summer Dance Shape

Dance_0356Summer is a great time of year for students.  The sun is out, school is out, and it’s time to relax.  Unfortunately for the advanced dancer, relaxing is not necessarily the best idea.  Dancers must maintain their technique, flexibility, and artistry even during the summer.  Taking class throughout the summer is a great way to make sure you are ready to dance in the fall, especially if your teacher has recommended that you advance a level.

One of the best ways to boost your technique over the summer is by attending a summer intensive.  Summer intensives can span from a few days, to several weeks.  Many well known dance companies offer them for students during the summer, but you can also find summer intensives at local dance studios.  When you attend an intensive, you spend several hours per day taking technique classes.  Some intensives focus on 1 technique specifically, such as ballet or modern, while other dance intensives offer classes in a variety of techniques throughout the day.  Larger dance intensives may require an audition, which could take place as early as the January before that summer.  Other dance intensives only require registration, and then have placement classes on the first day.  All types of intensives are good at helping you grow!

Another great way to maintain your dance technique is by taking drop in classes.  Drop in classes do not require any registration, you simply show up for class when it is being held!  Most professional dance studios offer drop in classes throughout the summer.  You can find most drop in schedules on the studio’s website (ours is located on the google calendar on our youth classes page), and then check to see which level is most approprate for you to take!  Drop in classes are also great for trying classes in styles that you have never taken before.  If you don’t like that style, there is no obligation to continue taking class, but on the other hand, you may just fall in love with something you have never done before!

Whatever you do, make sure you do not fall behind in your dance technique during the summer!  Dancers put too much effort and sweat into the studio during the year to give it all up once summer arrives.  Find a way to stay active, stay flexible, and stay in shape!




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