Today’s entry is all about our favorite ballet mistress Ms. Mary Ann! Here is some insight into what makes her the head of ADC’s ballet program:                                                        
How did you start dancing?  My mom signed me up for ballet and tap when I was 3.  She also bought season’s tickets to the Atlanta Ballet every year, so that was a ritual that we enjoyed together.
What is your favorite thing to teach?  I like teaching choreography because I enjoy watching the process of learning the steps and like having an ongoing project to improve upon each week.  My favorite choreography to teach would be classical ballet, as I love the history surrounding the ballets and passing that historical knowledge to the students.  In most classical ballets, there’s a concrete storyline and the dancers must embody particular characters – exploring the characterization and nuance of the choreography helps bring the story to life.
Why do you like teaching at ADC?  I like teaching at ADC because I enjoy watching the progress of the students and the excitement that comes from learning new skills.  Recital time is especially rewarding for me because our students are full of energy about learning their recital dance choreography, trying on their costumes, putting on their make-up, learning stage etiquette and performing new talents for their friends and family!  I feel happy when the students are excited about dancing and proud to showcase their skills.

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