Inspirational Dance Artists

Everyone has someone that they look up to, and this includes our faculty members here at Atlanta Dance Central!  We asked them which dance artist inspires them, and we got some great answers.

Ms. Charlotte says “My biggest inspiration is Twyla Tharp. She is incredibly creative and able to pre-plan every move she makes in her choreography. She upholds a tremendously busy schedule because of her commitment to experience and she doesn’t apologize for her art or herself. She is confident, demanding, and isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants. She also is one of the first modern choreographers to make the transition of modern dance into dance for entertainment purposes. We see her great work on Broadway in “Movin’ Out” and “Come Fly Away.”

Ms. Mary Ann, shared, “I’ve always enjoyed Antony Tudor’s choreography, specifically the pas de deux from “The Leaves Are Fading”. He seamlessly combines contemporary ballet lines with Antonín Dvořák’s music in a soft and romantic way. I enjoy the way the dancer’s movements play out the melody of the music – the movements are dynamic, but still soft and the dancers flow through the choreography.

Lastly, Ms. Andrea says, “The modern dance artist that inspires me the most is Martha Graham. She created a modern technique that was completely innovative from the popular form of ballet. Her choreography remains timeless! Even choreography that she created over 70 years ago can still speak to today’s audiences. Martha Graham was dedicated to her craft and believed in self empowerment, human value, and equality. My favorite Martha Graham piece is “Errand into the Maze.”

Take a look below at some of the choreographer’s who have inspired our faculty members, and then let us know who inspires you!

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