Happy New Year! Setting Achievable Dance Goals

HaleyGrandPasB&WHappy 2013 from Atlanta Dance Central! It’s the season of New Years Resolutions and we all have long lists of ways to better ourselves for 2013.  This also means it’s the season of breaking those resolutions before we even get a good start on them.  How are you going to stick to your resolutions this year?  You can start by making them achievable.

As dancers, we are constantly trying to find ways to improve ourselves.  I hear goals set by dancers all the time!  We all want to be more flexible, leap higher, and increase the revolutions in our turns, or even become more skilled at improvising or partnering.  No matter what the goal is it is important to make your goal reasonable, or else you will lose sight of it.  Here are some tips on how to reach your 2013 dance goals, so that when 2014 rolls around you can start with brand new ones.

1. Set your goal in writing.  We are all extremely busy nowadays and its possible that you might lose sight of your goal simply because it gets put on the back burner.  Pick a few reasonable goals and write them down.  Then stick them somewhere where you will see them regularly, such as your school planner, your bathroom mirror, or even on a reminder in your phone!  Putting your goal in writing is the first step to committing to yourself, and helping you reach it.

2. Map out a plan. After you write your goal down, don’t stop there.  Think of ideas of how to reach your goal.  Lets say you want to be flexible enough to do a middle split.  Chances are you aren’t going to get it after stretching every day for a week.  Depending on your body and muscle structure, it could take months.  Plan how you are going to get there, week by week.  Decide when and where you are going to stretch and set the time aside specifically for stretching.  Once you map it out, you make it a priority.

3. Don’t get discouraged!  While we have gotten used to things being instant, some things still take time.  You aren’t going to go from a single pirouette to a triple pirouette in 2 weeks.  It takes time and practice!  If you start to get discouraged try to look at how far you’ve come.  Maybe two weeks ago you were hopping through your double pirouette but now you can do it with ease.  That itself is something to be proud of.

What are YOUR dance goals for 2013? Don’t let 2014 roll around before achieving your dance goals.  Need help finding ways to achieve them?  Talk to your dance teacher!

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