The Foster-Schmidt Dance Academy is dedicated to giving everyone an opportunity to dance. The Dance Academy offers weekly class for its participants, and helps individuals with Down syndrome work on muscle tone, balance and coordination. Classes also increase opportunities for social interaction and promote awareness about the benefits of dance for all people — regardless of their abilities or disabilities. 

Foster-Schmidt Dancers perform at Snapshot Recital 2010

This year the Foster-Schmidt Dancers will presents 2 dances in Atlanta Dance Central’s recital on May 13th, with dancers ranging from age two and a half to fifteen.  “Their energy and enthusiasm for dance is infectious and is more powerful than any other dance performance I’ve see”, says Charlotte Foster, Co-Founder of the Academy.  “It’s sure to be an unforgettable performance!”

The Foster-Schmidt Dance Academy was founded in 2008 as a subsidiary organization of the Jensen-Schmidt Tennis Academy for Down Syndrome.  Vince Schmidt wanted to combine his extensive research in physical/movement therapy with an activity beyond traditional sports.  Foster determined that dance would be the perfect fit and Foster-Schmidt was born!

Foster-Schmidt has grown from several weekend workshops a year to a weekly class with a recital performance.  Future plans include presenting workshops in Los Angeles, Washington DC, and St. Louis.

Foster says, “Working with young people that have such an enthusiasm for life is a very rewarding experience.  I can’t wait for them to share their passion with the community.”

Be sure to check out their performance on May 13th at Blessed Trinity High School.


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