Dance Recital Survival Guide!

LPerry1Atlanta Dance Central has officially launched into recital-mode!  Students and staff are busy rehearsing, perfecting choreography, and practicing for performance by sharing their dances with other classes.  As we continue to prepare for the upcoming recital, it is important to prepare for the busy weeks ahead!  We have a created a recital survival guide just for you!

1. Double (and triple!) check your rehearsal schedule!  Recital rehearsal schedules can be a little bit overwhelming, especially if you are new to the dance scene.  It is important that dancers get as much practice as possible so they feel confident on stage!  Unlike most other physical activities, dancers practice for months without ever sharing what they do with their families.  Recital is the only day of the entire year that dancers get to share their hard work and talents! Dancing on a stage is a lot different than dancing in the classroom, because the stage has extra wings (curtains), and no mirror!  Missing one rehearsal could cause a dancer to miss out on an important detail that will help them prepare for the performance.  Make sure you double check your rehearsal schedule, and get to all rehearsals on time!

2.  Make sure you are eating healthy and drinking plenty of water.  Recital time is much more exciting than when dancers are on their regular class schedule, which can mean that dancers are using extra energy.  Extra rehearsals can mean abnormal meal times.  It is important that dancers have all of the energy they need to be able to perform and look their best!  Make sure you are eating healthy meals, and most importantly drinking enough water to keep you hydrated!  It is always good to pack healthy snacks in your dance bag just in case your energy decreases.  Some great snack options are carrot sticks, fruit, and trail mix!

3.  Be sure to get enough sleep!  Crazy rehearsal schedules can really throw off our sleep patterns!  Make sure when you get home from rehearsal you find time to let your body relax so you can get to sleep on time.  When a dancer’s body is tired, it is more prone to injury.  You want to make sure you are in tip – top shape for your performance!

4. Double check your dance and costume bag. It is a great idea to keep a checklist of all costume items needed.  Make sure you have all costume pieces, head pieces, shoes, props, tights, make up, etc.  Check that you have everything before you leave the house, and once you get to the theater.  If you find you are missing something as soon as you get to the theater, there is a good chance you can go get it, or someone can bring it to you.  If you find out you are missing something two minutes before the dance begins, there isn’t much you can do about it.  Be sure to check to make sure you have absolutely everything you need so you can have a stress free recital day!

We can’t wait for our fifth recital, The Sky is the Limit!  Our students and faculty have been working hard to make sure this is the best recital ever!   What are your tips for surviving recital week?  How do you make sure you will have a relaxing a fun week?   Let us know in the comments below!

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