Atlanta Rising Talent

ART (Atlanta Rising Talent) is made up of hand-selected dancers, dedicated to improving their dance technique and performing for various regional events and competitions.

The group is comprised of five divisions:

  • Micro Mini Company (5-7),
  • Mini Company (ages 7-10),
  • Junior Company (ages 8-12),
  • Teen Company (ages 12 and up), and
  • Senior Company (ages 12 and up).

Dance classes will focus equally on technical proficiency, performance quality, and dance education. Dancers are trained to be knowledgeable in their art form and should be open to learning new aspects of the field of dance.

To prepare for Atlanta Rising Talent, we recommend training in the ADC Youth Program classes for 1 year leading up to the audition.

Congratulations to the ART 2017 – 2018 Company Members!

Micro Mini Company 

Maya Benson

Brynn Bolton

Mackenzie Bruun

Piper Foley

Micheala Russo

Savannah Toth

Madelyn Zey


Mini Company 

Stephanie Armstrong

Annie Brannon

Sadie Eisen

Aspen Jones

Anslee Kennedy

Riley Luther

Abigail Morlen

Lily Otting

Presley Prokay

Alexis Smith

Coco Teat

Crosley Young


Jr Company 

Sienna Blocker

Hayley Buice

Elizabeth Brown

Emily Deich

Macy Eisen

Victoria Getz

Natalie Harmon

Kyleigh Hayworth

Mena Jarrett

Alice Morlen

McKenzie Larson

Caroline Polhill

Evie Rasco

Laura Anne Rodriqguez

Autumn Smith

Romy Teat

Teen Company 

Laila Azimzadeh

Kate Cave

Madeline Clift

Whitney Cookston

Samantha Doyle

Jordan Hayworth

Leila Lee

Loralei Lee

Ava Michael

Samantha Mitchell

Jessica Palmisano

Skylar Pearce

Stella Pietro

Sandra Schmitz

Senior Company: 

Maddie Apple

Morgan Blume

Annie Brown

Anna Cave

Angela Chang

Elle Eggleston

Heather Elrod

Merrin Foley

Kylie Horgan

Blaney Hudson

Lily Mudd

Molly Lambert

Lindsey Perry

Samantha Sawyer

Katie Saxon

Mia Uy

Ava Weinreb

 Tale of the 3 Brothers Ballet Feature Casting

Death: Heather Elrod

Brother 1: Angela Chang

Brother 2: Blaney Hudson

Brother 3: Annie Brown

Assassin: Molly Lambert

Wife: Ava Weinreb

Understudy for All Roles: Anna Cave









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