Summer is well under way and we are having tons of fun here at Atlanta Dance Central.  This week is the first week of camp and drop-in classes, and we have kicked our summer off with Disney Princess Camp, American Girl Camp, and a variety of drop-in classes.  Summer is always an exciting time for us, so I wanted to share some things we are looking forward to doing this summer!

1.  Summer Intensive (June 11-22):  I cannot even begin to list the reasons why we love summer intensive.  It gives us a chance to take a ton of classes in one day, try classes we’ve never done before, reach new goals and also have a great time!  Let’s not forget the performance at the end of the intensive where we get to show off all of the new skills we have learned and also create dances of our own!

2.  Atlanta Rising Talent auditions! (June 25-June 27):  It is very exciting each year to see who is interested in becoming a part of Atlanta Rising Talent.  Auditions are open to all dancers in the area, not just those who dance at our studio.  We love seeing how far the dancer’s we do know have come over the past year, and to see how they have achieved some of their dance goals.  Plus, auditions are a great learning experience for all participants.

3. Atlanta Rising Talent Disney Trip (June 28-July 1):  This year members of the ART Company are travelling to Disney World to perform in Downtown Disney and to take class from Disney professionals!  We are beyond excited about getting to share this opportunity and experience with them!

4. Fancy Nancy Ballet Camp- and all the kinder camps!  (July 9-July 13):  Because honestly, doesn’t like ballet, doing crafts, and combining all of that with Fancy Nancy?!

5. SIDEWAYS Contemporary Dance Company’s performance of Blackout. (July 13-15):  SIDEWAYS Contemporary Dance Company is a professional company that always puts on an amazing show.  This year they have been working on brand new choreography that is more amazing than ever.  We can’t wait to see how great their show is this year, and of course to go support some familiar faces we know in the company!

6. Foster-Schmidt Dance Academy for Down Syndrome Camp (August 3-5):  This camp is always a ton of fun as we improve our coordination, dance skills & share priceless memories with our friends!

7. The Ballet Intensive (August 6-10):  The ballet intensive is right before school starts and we get back into dancing.  It is a perfect opportunity for us to “battement” ourselves back into shape, and freshen up on some of the technique that we may of lost over the summer.   Not only do you get an intense technique class to start off your morning, you will get to learn a new variation each day!  It’s amazing.

These are just a few of the MANY amazing events we have going on at Atlanta Dance Central this summer.  For more information about our summer and fall programming, please visit!  See you soon!

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