We are excited to begin our student of the week portion of the blog with one of our most deserving students, Sarah Kathryn Lasseigne. Not only is Sarah Kathryn passionate about dance, hard-working, and has near perfect attendance in the 12 classes she takes weekly, she has also long impressed us with her determination to dance. When a foot injury sidelined her for the summer last year, Sarah Kathryn still came to class, worked on her port de bras, and took notes. When the time came to decide which recital dances she wanted to participate in, Sarah Kathryn paid for her costumes out of her own babysitting money. We are pleased to introduce you to our first student of the week: Sarah Kathryn Lasseigne!
How old are you, what school do you go to?
13, Fellowship Christian School
When did you start dancing?
Fall 2009; dancing for 2 years
What types of dance do you take?
Ballet, tap, contemporary, jazz, ballroom, and yogalates
What is your favorite style of dance & why?
Ballet! Because it is really graceful.
What is your favorite part of dance?
What is the most difficult part of dance class?
Barre in ballet class because you have to work so hard to keep everything perfect.
What else do you like to do besides dance?


  1. That’s the spirit Sarah. I admire you for enduring your foot injury and returning to your class. I wish you all the best.

    Foot Doctor

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