ADC Student Choreography Program


For the past two years, Atlanta Dance Central has been giving students the opportunity to showcase their choreography in the ART Gala and Recital, and we are excited to continue that tradition this year!  Giving students the opportunity to create their own dances helps them build artistry, and expand their ideas of what they can do with their dance training in the future.  Creating dances seems easy because audiences always view a finished product, but the truth is that it can be difficult to develop a dance that the audience will understand.  The student choreography program gives students an opportunity to experiment with the tools and the process of developing choreography, and share their final product in a supportive environment!

Any Atlanta Dance Central student can participate in the student choreography program. Students choose their dancers, their music, and start choreographing ahead of time for the audition. At the time of the audition, all choreographers must submit a “completed” piece of choreography. After the audition, receives written feedback about their choreography to help them develop their ideas. Select pieces are chosen to be performed in the Atlanta Rising Talent Gala Performance.

The choreographer’s whose pieces are selected for the ART Gala then begin improving and rehearsing their pieces for performance. They meet monthly with a faculty member of ADC to cultivate ideas for improvement. Choreographers then choose their costuming, and develop an idea for their lighting design during the performance.  Making these choices allows students to experience what is expected from professional choreographers. The end result for the students is being able to watch, and be proud of, something that they have created and completed from start to finish.

This year’s student choreography audition is Saturday, November 23 and will be held in the afternoon. We are excited to see what our students create!


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