Three Reasons Why Dance Recitals Are A Great Example of Teamwork

Since dance is an art form, the idea of it being a “team” activity is often overlooked.  Sure, some studios have competition teams, but even without having one, dance is very much a team activity.  Other activities also have the advantage of having games and tournaments more often than dancers have recitals.  This makes recital even more important.  It may be only one time per year, but it is the most important display of teamwork that happens for the studio that year.  Here’s why:

  1. Individual dancers are performing choreography as part of a class.   Starting at a very young age I teach my dancers that we have to dance together.  I have even told 4 and 5 year olds that they need to dance like twins, because they understand that it means they have to be performing a move at the same time as the dancer next to them.  As dancers get older they have to use their peripheral vision while they’re dancing in order to stay within the same timing.  In this way, they are having to work as a team in order to portray the choreography accurately.
  2. Teamwork doesn’t just happen on stage, it happens behind the scenes.  If only everyone could see all of the hard work that happens back stage.  As teachers we work as a team to make sure everyone makes it on stage successfully.  Each one of us has an important job, and we know the students are watching us set an example as a team.  What filters down from that is a team of middle and high school students who are eager to help.  When they have down time back stage they are helping younger students change costumes, put their hair in buns, and touch up make up.  Students helping each other is a rewarding sight to see, and it also makes recital run extremely smoothly.
  3. We are all working together to put on a show together.  Recital is like a giant group presentation.  Last year our recitals had over 275 performers! The staff, parent volunteers, technical crew, and cast includes more than 300 people.  All of those people work together to put on a spectacular show.  What’s even more exciting is the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the show that we all did it!  Each small group is an important part of the entire studio as a whole.

Recital is a great display of teamwork on both a small and large scale.  When each dancer does their part to learn choreography, dance as a group, perform with passion, and help others succeed, it makes for a great show!

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