Student of the Month: Katie Saxon

Our student of the month for the month of February is Katie Saxon!

Katie joined the studio a few years ago and immediately immersed herself as a member of our youth program.  Her sweet and positive attitude in and outside of the classroom made her transition into the ADC family a very easy one.  Since joining the studio, Katie has become a member of the Atlanta Rising Talent company, currently as a senior company member.

This past year Katie joined ADC’s teacher training program.  This program requires students to assist in classes and meet once a month to learn and build dance teaching skills.  Katie has thrived in this program and assists several classes per week.  All of her students love her because of the love she shares with them.  We love having Katie teach and assist beside us because she is so helpful and involved with all of the students.  Through the program and assisting classes, we have seen Katie’s confidence, energy, and personality grow.

Congratulations, Katie!  We are very proud of you.

When did you start dancing?  When I was two I started taking ballet.

What is your favorite style of dance, and why?  My favorite style of dance is contemporary because it is a great way to express your feelings and emotions.

What is your favorite thing about assisting with classes?  I love hanging out with all of the students.  They’re so funny and they make my day ten times brighter.  I love them.

What is your favorite food? Mac & Cheese

What is your favorite movie?  Tangled!

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