Once Upon A Holiday Builds Community Within ADC

If you’re joining our season this fall, chances are you may have already heard about Once Upon A Holiday.  We start preparing for the show and learning choreography early!  But what is Once Upon A Holiday?  And what does it have to do with your student?

Once Upon A Holiday History in A Flash

This holiday show started out as SIDEWAYS Contemporary Dance Company’s holiday show. (SIDEWAYS is directed by ADC studio owner Charlotte Williamson)  Students who wished to perform with the professional company were required to audition.  In the fall of 2016, Charlotte decided to combine the SIDEWAYS show with ADC youth students.  Now, all youth students are able to perform in the show.

Wait a minute…what is SIDEWAYS?

SIDEWAYS Contemporary Dance Company is a professional company started by Charlotte Williamson in 2006. This a not-for-profit group made up of professional dancers in the Atlanta area. (Some of them are ADC staff members or former students too!) Once Upon A Holiday is only part of what they do. SIDEWAYS has several performances each year including Frankenstein’s Frolic, an appearance at the ART Gala, collaborations with Foster-Schmidt Dance Company at ADC’s Recital, as well as a full length show each June.

When is Once Upon A Holiday?

Once Upon A Holiday performances are the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Performances are at Blessed Trinity High School.  The show is a great way to kick off the holiday season without feeling like you have to cram another event into your December schedule!

Cool Things About Once Upon A Holiday:

  • There are minimal extra rehearsals.  Youth students will begin learning choreography in the last 10 minutes of their classes.  That means they only have to attend 1 extra Saturday rehearsal before heading into the theater the week of the show.
  • ADC teachers also dance in the show.  Several faculty members are involved with SIDEWAYS or guest perform with the company.  This means students will get to dance alongside their favorite teachers, and parents can see how talented our faculty is.
  • The teamwork helps build a sense of family among students and staff.  The choreography brings several classes and students together within the show.  Younger students get to meet older students, and students get to meet teachers they may have never met before.  The whole ADC family works together to put on a spectacular show.  The amount of teamwork that goes into the show builds the sense of togetherness, and warms all of our hearts.

Wait…What is the Show About?

We almost forgot!  Once Upon A Holiday is a festive twist on the story of Alice in Wonderland.  Alice falls into a magical wonderland and learns that family is at the heart of every holiday season.  The show is family friendly and combines several different dance genres.  After seeing it once, it will become part of your family’s holiday traditions!

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