How a Private Lesson Gave a Student More Than Technique



A couple of weeks ago I was working with a student on her tap skills. This particular child was very timid in classes during the year. I could barely hear the sounds coming from her feet, and she would physically back away from me when I would move in closer to listen. In this private lesson we took the time to break down steps that had been giving her trouble and suddenly a new confidence started to show. I saw her eyes light up as she accomplished skills that had just moments earlier seemed so far out of reach. It gave me goosebumps seeing this transformation not only in her tapping but in her whole demeanor.

Private lessons may seem intimidating at first. But just like tutoring can greatly improve a student’s grades in school, these one on one sessions can really make a difference in one’s dancing.

Lessons are uniquely yours! 

No two students are alike, therefore no two private lessons are the same. Because there is just one dancer, the teacher is able to address specific details that there may not be time for in a larger classroom setting. The individualized lesson plan they are able to create for the student can cater to their needs allowing them to have maximum potential for growth.

In a regular classroom we focus on teaching technique to an entire room of students and the goal is to get these concepts across to everyone. With just one dancer we can dig into what they need to improve and find some strategies for them to use while they are in their normal classes.

Trying out something new! 

Private lessons can be a great place to take a new discipline of dance on a test run. The dancer can decide if it is something they want to pursue without any pressure. Instead of coming to class feeling self-conscious because they don’t know the terminology or how to execute the movements, they are able to start at the beginning with a teacher who knows what building blocks they will need to excel in the fall classroom.

Time to get serious.

For some dancers, private lessons are the place to get really serious about their training. This means it is a chance to hone in on their technique and really perfect their skills. Most students with these aspirations in mind want to maintain what they have already learned and push even farther. Fine tuning like this is hard work, and isn’t the right thing for every student, but some crave this extra challenge.

Thinking about the goosebumps I got with my tapper gives me so much hope. Seeing such a dramatic change in only 45 minutes is inspiring. I cannot wait to see her continued growth as well as the growth of all of the other students this summer! If your dancer is interested in a private lesson please contact us!


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