Happy Parent Appreciation Week!

Some of the best parents in the world enter and exit through our studio doors each week.  Here are some examples of how awesome our parents are:

  1. One of our moms with 4 sons and 1 daughter came in during our costume sale to Halloween shop.  She sat her four sons down and gave them each a task while she and the daughter found a costume.  Everything went peacefully.  Maybe this was one of those magical moments that is as frequent as spotting a unicorn, but I was in admiration.
  2. After class a student (who was fine in class!) had a full on meltdown in the lobby.  She was tired.  It happens.  Mom took a deep breath and handled the tantrum in the calmest voice I’ve ever heard.
  3. A student in high school had to come straight from school a few days per week because she assisted in our classes.  On these days, her Dad would stop by the studio in the morning to drop off her dance bag and some dinner.
  4. One of our high school students left her homework in the company lounge.   This is a 2 for 1 because not only did this parent raise their high schooler to be responsible enough to be completing homework in the time in between classes at dance, but Mom also came by in the morning to retrieve the homework and take it to school so her daughter would be able to turn it in on time.
  5. A tiny kinder student was having a behavioral issue in class.  Not only did Mom trust us to handle it however we thought it worked best, (thank you!), but she also worked with us to develop a plan to help this student get back on track.

We know all of our parents have different teaching styles and we appreciate all of them.  Here are some more general reasons why we love our parents:

  1. You sit in the carpool line, pick up your children from school, feed them, and get them to class on time in the appropriate clothes.  Kudos to our ballet parents who also get their students here with their hair in a bun!
  2. You trust us to teach your children week after week, yet you only see their progress at the end of the year recital.
  3. The end of the year recital is a big enough reason in itself!  You follow the crazy schedules, change your kids into and out of their costumes, make sure they have the right make up, and more!  You do so many things to help make our recital successful that we’d have to write another blog about it.
  4. We have a team of recital volunteers that help make sure things run smoothly in the dressing rooms, work as ushers, and sell concessions.

Most importantly we appreciate you because you are the reason we have the best students in the world!  We know they didn’t teach themselves how to be responsible, respectful, work hard in class, be kind to their fellow classmates, and be dedicated to success.  It is all of our parent’s hard work that has shaped each child into the amazing person they are.  We cannot thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to share our passion with your children each week, and for working with us to help develop them into the best possible people they can be.

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