December Student of the Month: Janet Dominguez

Janet is pictured here with friends from Teen Hip Hop (she is in the pink shirt).

We are happy to announce Janet Dominguez as our December student of the month. Janet is a Junior in High school and in her 2nd season at Atlanta Dance Central. Janet Joined ADC December of 2016 and Started with a Hip Hop class. This year Janet added Tap 2 and seems to be really enjoying herself. We have really enjoyed having Janet as a student she always comes into class ready to work and have fun. We also appreciate her willingness to explore new movement and pick up new styles of dance. At the start of the year we had all the dancers set goals for themselves and for the classroom as a whole. Janet’s personal goal for Teen Hip Hop was to be able to pick up choreography quickly and accurately. All season we have been working on different combinations and with each new one we have seen Janet gain more confidence and precision.  We are so proud of her and all her progress and are so excited to get to work with her recital.



A Few Fun Facts:


What activities do you participate in outside of dance?  I volunteer at an animal Rescue center


What school do you attend? Roswell High School


What is your favorite thing about dance? I love coming to dance because it’s a great way to relive my stress and not have to worry about anything.


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