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November’s Student of the Month is Cate Busquets!  Cate just started dancing at Atlanta Dance Central this year, and is in one of our 3 year old ballet classes.  She is always enthusiastic in class, and ready to try new things.  Cate picks up on new ballet skills and moves very easily, and remembers them the next week.  Best of all, Cate always dances with a smile on her face.  Congratulations Cate!

How old are you?

When did you start dancing and in what class?
This year in Ballet for 3’s!

What is your favorite color?
Pink & Purple

What do you like best about dance class?
Freeze dance!

This week we would like to recognize Kate Sims. Kate is in the Micro-Mini Company of Atlanta Rising Talent! She is enthusiastic about dancing and has worked hard and matured a lot this year. She is willing to take more risks in her acro class, and has accomplished her forward roll.

Congratulations Kate!

How old are you?


What school do you go to?

Queen of Angels
What is your favorite style of dance?
Tap, because I like the sound it makes and it is fun.

What do you do outside of dance?

Swim team, cheer leading and tennis
Why do you love dance?

 Because it is fun to move around and I like the music.

We know it’s January, but 2012 is already flying by and if you’re a dancer it is time to start thinking about your summer!  You already have your 2012 dance goals, and you don’t want to throw them out the window just because summer vacation rolls around.  Don’t get me wrong, summer is a great time to rest and relax your body, but it is also a great time to get a head start on what you know you can improve for the next dance season.

So where do you start? The first thing you need to decide is how long you have for your summer intensive.  Intensives can last anywhere from 1 week to 8 weeks!  Check out your calendar and decide how much time you want to dedicate to dancing during your summer break. 

The next thing you need to decide is where you want to go.  Maybe you want to head to New York City for a Broadway intensive, or a professional ballet or modern intensive.  Maybe you want to head to LA and check out the jazz and hip hop scene.  North Carolina has the American Dance Festival during the summer.  Decide if you want your summer intensive to be in a place you have never been to before!  If you don’t want to travel outside of your neighborhood, check out the local dance studios in your area.  Many dance studios offer summer intensives or even summer classes to keep you in dance shape!

Last you need to decide what style of dance you would like to study.  No matter if you’re a ballerina, a modern dancer, or a hip hop fanatic, there is a summer intensive that offers your style!  So do your research and decide how you are going to continue reaching your goals this summer!

For information on our summer camps and intensives visit our website!

This coming weekend more than 20 students of Atlanta Dance Central will be performing in SIDEWAYS Contemporary Dance Company’s Once Upon A Holiday.  Once Upon A Holiday is a family friendly dance performance based off of the story of Alice in Wonderland.  SIDWAYS’ performance features a variety of holiday music from Tchaikovsky to Elvis, and features jazz, modern and ballroom dance.

Students auditioned and began rehearsing for Once Upon a Holiday in September, and have been working with the professional company every weekend since.  If you’re looking for a new holiday performance tradition, Once Upon A Holiday is a great way to bring the family together this holiday season. 

Performances will be December 16 & 17 at 8 p.m. and December 17 & 18 at 3 p.m.  For more information visit

As a dancer, when I think of December and the upcoming holidays, a couple dance productions cross my mind.  The Nutcracker is a ballet tradition during the holidays, and so is the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, featuring the Rockettes!  They perform with elegance, grace, and their ever so famous precision.  Since we all can’t go up to New York City this December to visit the Rockettes, we brought a former Rockette to us!  Autumn Ross, who performed with the Rockettes for 7 years, will be dropping in to teach jazz in the upcoming weeks!  For more information about Autumn, you can visit her website!

For more information about our class schedule, visit our website!

This week we would like to recognize Drew Stavres as our student of the week! Drew just began taking class with ADC this year in Hip-Hop and Contemporary. He is goal oriented and dedicated to learning new dance styles. Drew has a passion for choreography and has dreams of dancing on So You Think You Can Dance. Congratulations Drew!

How old are you?


Where do you go to school?

The Kings Academy

When did you start dancing?

At the end of 9th grade.

Why do you like dancing?
It’s expressive.  It’s fun. I get to be someone else.
What is the most difficult thing about dance?

Other people watching & judging it.
Who is your favorite professional dancer?
Steven “Twitch” Boss from So You Think You Can Dance
What is your favorite style of dance?
Hip-Hop, its energetic and fast paced.
What do you do besides dance?

Here at Atlanta Dance Central we have classes available for anyone who loves dance.  Starting from age 2 and a half, all the way up through adult, and levels from beginner to professional, we welcome anyone who loves dance to come take class with us.   We love dancing and want to share it with you, simply because the benefits of dance are endless.

First and foremost, dance teaches discipline, respect, and responsibility.  Starting in our youngest classes, dancers begin to learn how to appropriately participate in a classroom setting.  Dancers are responsible for coming to class on time, and following classroom rules.  Even as students get older, they learn how to respect not only their teacher, but the students who are dancing around them.  In some cases, such as ballet, dance is not just a technique, but a tradition that has been passed on for hundreds of years.  On top of that, dancers must be responsible for learning and retaining technical skills and choreography.

Most obviously, dance has health benefits.  Dancers are known to be flexible, even though it doesn’t always come naturally.   Dance exercises help to increase flexibility, in addition to the static stretches performed during each technique class. Additionally, dance increases participant’s endurance.  Most dance classes are at least an hour long, with each exercise getting increasingly more difficult than the one before it.  Dancers constantly push to the next level of excellence and achievement, working hard for the entire hour without rest.  Strength is built in dance class through resistance training.  Dancers use their own body against the force of gravity to build muscle and core strength.  Lastly, dance increases coordination.  Often times a dancer moves their arms completely separate from the action of their legs (a pat your head while rubbing your belly type of exercise), and dancers learn how to isolate one part of their body at a time.  Dancing is a great work out because of its ability to increase flexibility, endurance, coordination and build strength.

Dance has proven intellectual benefits.  At a young age, we teach children how to count musical beats and rhythms.  They increase thier musical awareness throughout their study, eventually learning to count music no matter how many musical beats there are or if the rhythms are syncopated.  Dancers also expand their vocabularies by learning the language of dance.  While ballet moves have French names, each style of dance has its own vocabulary that a dancer must learn in order to succeed in class.  Learning choreography requires spatial awareness and an ability to learn sequencing, which becomes increasingly more difficult as a dance student progresses to a higher level. 

The social benefits of dance go hand in hand with the previously mentioned individual benefits.  As mentioned before, dance requires respect for and from everyone who enters the studio.  Dancers must learn not only how to have enough confidence to dance as a soloist, but also how to dance as a member of a team.  Group choreography requires every dancer to put forth their best effort, because dancers are relying on one another for their performance.  Dancers learn how to respect and encourage their classmates  to grow as a team. 

Lastly, studying dance can benefit students artistically.  Dance is a place where each student can come and feel safe to express themself.  At the same time, different pieces of choreography might require dancers to use their imaginations to become another character, increasing their sense of imagination.  Dancers can learn to imagine, create, and express themselves in a safe venue. 

These are just some of the advantages that studying dance provides.  No matter, what age you are, or if you’ve only ever danced in your room with no one watching, we would love to share the benefits of dance with you!  Check out our website for information on the classes we offer.

This week we would like to recognize Ally Hayworth as our student of the week.  Ally is one of our adult students, who has been dropping in ever since Atlanta Dance Central opened it’s doors.  A skilled tapper, Ally continues to attend class week after week with consistency.  Her work ethic, her attitude and her talent are inspiring to students and teachers alike.  Congratulations Ally!

How long have you been dancing?
Over 30 years
Where did you go to school?
I graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology
What is your favorite style of dance? 
Tap, I have always had the most fun with it and I like the rhythm.
Why do you love dancing?
It allows me to be myself and express who I am, and it is great exercise.
What do you do besides dance?
Read and spend time with my family.

This week we would like to recognize Madeline Clift! Madeline Clift is only 5 years old but has a big love of dance. Madeline began dancing last year and is currently a member of ourMicro Mini company, taking class two days per week. Each class Madeline works hard to learn her dance vocabulary and steps and always has a smile on her face. Congratulations to Madeline!

How old are you?

What school do you go to?

Mountain Park Elementary

When did you start dancing and in what class?

 4 years old in Ballet & Tap

What styles of dance do you take?

Ballet, Tap, Jazz & Acro

What is your favorite type of dance and why? 
Jazz, because it’s fun!

What do you do besides dance?

Play with my friends and draw.

This week we would like to recognize Gaby Reblando as our student of the week! We met Gaby last year in our Ballet for 3’s class, Gaby is now in our Ballet/Tap class for 3 & 4 year olds. Gaby works hard in class, is a great listener, follows directions and always dances with a big smile. She might be little, but her love for dance is huge! Congratulations Gaby!
How old are you?

3.5 yrs old

What school do you go to? 

Kids R Kids

When did you start dancing and in what class?

Gaby started dancing in the Summer of 2010 when she attended a Disney Princesses Summer Camp at ADC. Right after she was enrolled in the “Ballet for 3’s” class with Ms. Mary, her first dance teacher.

What is your favorite color?

Gaby has many favorite colors. She likes pink, yellow, fuchsia and purple.
What is your favorite type of dance?

Gaby enjoys dancing to different types of music. She loves twirling around like the beautiful ballerina she is and is really excited about her new tap moves.

Why do you love dancing?

Dancing is fun and makes Gaby happy. She really enjoys dancing with her friends in class, as well as with Mommy, Daddy and her little brother Jack.

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