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A lot of the modern dance we teach here at the studio is based on the principles of Laban and Bartenieff, rather than some of the more well-known modern techniques like Graham or Horton. We want to introduce you to these two characters and some of the ideas they pioneered in order for you to have a … Read More »

This week we are proud to introduce you to Kendall Salmon. Kendall has been part of our Foster-Schmidt Program for 2 years, and has impressed us with her enthusiasm and sheer joy at dance. Every time she enters the classroom we are greeted with a “hey, girl, hey, Kendall in the house!” She shares … Read More »

One of the questions I get asked most often about our offerings here at the studio is, “What is Contemporary Dance?” It is a tricky question, and you may be hard pressed to find two dance professionals who agree on the answer.Some confusion stems from the fact that in the UK, they use the word … Read More »

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