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Bring A Friend Week

Lets face it, most experiences are more fun when you have someone to share them with!  Think of how many things are better with a friend: Going out to ice cream Riding on a roller coaster Playing on a see saw Shopping for something new A nice game of tennis The list could really go on … Read More »

Atlanta Dance Central in August!

Fall classes are just over a month away, but we have a lot going on before they start!  Our summer has been packed with summer camps, intensives, and drop in classes.  We can't wait to see our students back in the studio, and wanted to let everyone know what we are doing before then. We kick off … Read More »

ADC Recital 2014

Wow!  What a performance! We are extremely proud of all of the dancers that put on such an amazing recital.  This was Atlanta Dance Central's fifth recital, and it was definitely the best recital we have had so far.  It is always a rewarding experience to watch our dancers get on stage, have fun, … Read More »

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