Aspire to Inspire: Motivation in our Inbox

Last week, we received an email from one of our dance parents that gave us all of the warm, fuzzy feelings we live for as teachers. Alexis Smith, one of our Mini Company members, has created a beautiful solo to enter in the state-wide Reflections art competition. Their theme for this year is “Within Reach” and we certainly think that her goals are just that!

Alexis chose the music and choreographed this entire piece herself, which is a huge undertaking for a seven year old. We were seriously impressed by her creativity and unsurprised by her confidence. (If you haven’t met Alexis, she’s quite the firecracker.) The piece is full of heart and showcases her skills beautifully.

Her mom, Tara, added along with the video, “This is proof of how much inspiration you all give her every time she steps in the studio.” It is heart-warming to have made such an impact on Alexis, and she has no idea how much this has inspired us in return. We are so proud of her hard work and wish her the best of luck in the contest! Take a look at her solo in the video below!

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