April Student of the Month: Charlotte Flood!

Becky and Charlotte!

Charlotte Flood is finishing her fifth season at Atlanta Dance Central, and we are beyond excited to announce her as our Student of the Month.  Charlotte has been dancing at the studio since she was 3 years old.  She began in our Ballet for 3’s kinder class, and worked her way up through our kinder program in Ballet/Tap and Jazz/Acro.  After 3 seasons she graduated into the youth classes and has been taking acro ever since!  Charlotte has been catching our eye for years and this is her month to shine!  Here is a note from Ms. Michelle about why Charlotte was nominated:

Charlotte Flood has been an exemplary student this past month. Recently perfecting steps that she once was nervous to attempt, she has shown how determination can pay off. She listens intently and applies corrections quickly. Her kindness and support of others in class shows a great deal of self confidence and humility. We are so proud to have her in the ADC family.

Congratulations, Charlotte!
What grade are you in? 1st
What is your favorite subject at school? Art
What is your favorite thing to do besides dance? Soccer
What is your favorite summer activity? Going to the pool.
Why do you love dance? I love doing cartwheels and all that, and I love just dancing!
What is your favorite movie? Moana

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