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Let us take the lead!

Stay creative, connected, & calm with dance for the whole family.

What others are saying about us:
  • You were the first to really jump in and keep life going for my kids. Dance has been such a positive, life giving part of my daughter’s day.
  •  Our girls have loved every minute from dance parties, to spring break camps, to continuing to feel apart of weekly classes- it’s been amazing to watch.
  • They love feeling connected to their teachers and friends, it’s been a tremendous comfort and resource for not only their physical health, but their mental health.

You want your child to connect with friends, learn new skills, and most of all have fun!  The problem is the world is complicated right now & you’re not sure how they can participate.

ADC’s Virtual Classroom is the perfect place for your child to receive love & inspiration. Students enjoy 2 live dance classes per week & a “Connect”/Storytime session to share with friends. Continue the fun with Facebook Live dance parties & costumed Princess Parties. Your child will be delighted as they dance along with us each week, all from the comfort of their own home. Our themed curriculum is the perfect supplement to what your child is learning at home & school. Plus it's SO MUCH FUN! Your child will love grooving to their favorite tunes while breaking a sweat! And with our 100% money back guarantee, your investment is risk free.

This isn’t just a fun thing to keep your child entertained - our team is highly invested in helping your child grow as a dancer and a person.  We are available for 1 on 1 calls to discuss progress & create custom goals for each child. We really care!  While others may spend their days in a YouTube loop - your child will be immersed in the creativity and joy of dance, supported by the loving ADC faculty.  If you want something more than babysitting, you’ve come to the right place.  We are dedicated to delivering high quality dance education, right to your home.

Even though our classes are held on a virtual platform, we limit class sizes to ensure a wonderful experience for every child.

Space is limited so don’t wait. 

Register by July 1 to receive a surprise in the mail for your dancer!

How it Works:

  • You are invited to a Virtual Classroom Google Folder that holds your video library.
  • Click your special zoom link to join the live class & enjoy!

The Resources You Receive:

  • Your Google folder with video library
  • Steps to Set up your Home Dance Space
  • Your Virtual Classroom Schedule & Zoom Link
  • Sample Home Schedules to keep your routines consistent
  • Access to the private ADC Family Facebook Group

Session Length: 7/8- 8/28

For ages:  3-7

Includes 1 Dance Class & 1 Surprise Class per week

(Surprise classes may include storytime, crafts, dance parties, scavenger hunts, & more)

Wednesdays/Fridays:  11-11:30 AM

Cost:  $9 per week ($72 total for the session)

Disclaimer:  You are engaging in this activity at your own risk. It is up to you to perform these activities in an open area free from obstacles. Go at your own pace. By using these online tutorials, you agree to waive all liability and hold harmless Atlanta Dance Central & Faculty for any injury to yourself or to others, or property damage.  You agree to use these videos at your own risk.