Recital 2018: Ignite the World in Dance

Getting ready for the recital is one of our favorite parts of each year! We have been prepping for this year’s big show since our staff retreat in July! We start by choosing a theme to tie everything together, and then find the perfect costumes and music to complete the vision. We have even started choreography for many of our dances in classes this month.

This year, our recital theme is “Ignite the World in Dance.” At our retreat we were discussing our “Aspire to Inspire” theme for the year and wanted to make the recital a part of that. What better way to do that than to take on inspiring the whole world?!

In our Youth classes, each genre of dance (ballet, jazz, tap, etc.) will be exploring a different part of the world. Students from each level of the style will all perform together in a mini production. We love getting to see how our students progress through the levels! Here are some of the themes for our recital productions this year:

  • Jazz classes are exploring Africa: Each jazz class will be sharing music and movement from a different part of the continent!
  • Contemporary classes are all Atlantis: Our contemporary teachers are very inspired by this mythical underwater city, and have some incredible ideas to bring it to life!
  • The Tap theme is Rio: Our tappers will be transporting you to Brazil for the craziest Carnival celebration you’ve ever seen!
  • K-Pop Hip Hop: Ms. Leah is really excited to use some of the hottest music from Korean pop artists (and maybe even use a few of their amazing moves)!
  • Ballet is nature themed: Each of the ballet classes will represent a different part of the environment .  Think snowflakes, raindrops, Mother Earth, and more!
  • Acro and Aerial are all India: Dancers will be moving through the Indian jungles and rainforests. You never know what kinds of creatures you might see!

Our creativity is through the roof and we know the visions we have for this recital will be coming to life on the stage in May. Mark your calendars for our most inspiring recital yet:  ADC’s youth recital is Friday, May 11 and Saturday, May 12 at Blessed Trinity High School.  Our Kinder recitals are May 12 at Blessed Trinity High School.


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