October Student of the Month: Sam Doyle

Sam is pictured here with friends from Jazz 3 (she is in the center with the pigtail braids).

We are happy to announce Sam Doyle as our October student of the month (and apologize for how belated this is)! Sam is a senior in high school and in her 7th season at ADC. Ms. Audrey nominated her and here’s why!

Sam has been an excellent role model at the studio this season. She is always focused, working hard, and encouraging other students. When faced with a challenge, Sam pushes on with perseverance. These characteristics make her an excellent teaching assistant as well. Sam genuinely cares about the progress of each student in her classes and does everything she can to make classes run smoothly for the teacher she is helping. Just this past week, she took on teaching her first class by herself. Sam did such a wonderful job that parents were raving to Ms. Charlotte and a new student trying the class signed up! Ms. Audrey has also been working with Sam on a senior solo that she will present at ART Gala as well as use to audition for college dance programs.  She has put a great deal of herself into the solo, choosing the song as well as the concept of the piece. We are beyond proud of Sam and all of her accomplishments as both a dancer and as an assistant here at ADC.

Congratulations, Sam!

Here are a few fun facts about Sam:

  1. My favorite styles of dance are modern and tap.

  2. Outside of dance I like to read and listen to music.

  3. My favorite dance quote is “Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.”- Martha Graham

  4. I love to assist in dance classes! Particularly ages 5-8.

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