Physio Jazz

The Physio Jazz program is dedicated to giving everyone an opportunity to dance. The Dance Academy offers weekly class for its participants, and helps individuals with Down syndrome work on muscle tone, balance and coordination. Classes also increase opportunities for social interaction and promote awareness about the benefits of dance for all people — regardless of their abilities or disabilities. To get involved with these dance classes as either a participant or volunteer, contact us! The goal of the Physio Jazz program is provide a dance training-ground for students with Down syndrome that is similar to other studio programming. Each student’s progress is evaluated individually, communicated to the parents through our semi-annual evaluations, and level placement is determined. The classes, as with all of our studio classes, are not meant to be a social group, but a way for students to increase their dance and coordination skills to the highest possible level.

For more information about our programs please visit our Physio Jazz website!

From the Director: “I have seen the students grow under the program and achieve things that they, themselves, thought that they could not. I know that through incremental steps they can accomplish a lot. Dance training provides a lot more than just dance, including discipline, responsibility, self respect, and determination. This is the mission of ADC and I feel that the classes for Foster-Schmidt are no exception.”

Students in Level 3 of the Physio Jazz program are eligible to audition for the Foster-Schmidt Dance Company.  The Foster-Schmidt Dance Company is a performance based company that was founded in 2013.  The Foster-Schmidt Dance Company partners with SIDEWAYS Contemporary Dance Company, and performs at events around Atlanta.  For more information about their performances, click here!

All of our classes are listed on the calendar below. Please allow the calendar a moment to load, it may take up to a minute depending on your browser speed.

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