What is the registration fee for?

The Registration fee is your yearly administrative fee. It covers the cost to set up and maintain your account in our system, and helps to cover the cost of communication throughout the year.

Can we make up a class we missed due to illness, vacation, etc.?

Yes, we allow make up classes as long as the class is an appropriate age level. Please contact the office to confirm your make up class.

How is the tuition cost determined?

Your yearly tuition is split up into 9 convenient monthly payments. Some months may have 4-5 classes while other months have less, but for convenience tuition remains the same.

What does the recital fee cover?

Two recital tickets are included in your recital fee. The remainder helps cover the professional staff we employ to run the sound, lighting, and backstage jobs that are necessary for the week.

What is the total cost for the year?

What does my child need to wear to class?


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